September 8, 2023

Family Newsletter—September 2023

Welcome to September and a heartfelt welcome to our new families! We are looking forward to sharing this
journey with you and your family. Together, we will observe milestones, nurture joy, and foster the love of
Here are a few tips for all our families as we return to school:

  • Make sure your email is always up-to-date in LineLeader.
  • Need to check in on your child? Nap time is a good time! Pick up, drop off, and lunch time time can be
    busy at the center. For non-urgent questions, message or call the Center Director outside of these
    times. We have an open door policy and you are always invited to request a conference or meeting
    for lengthier discussions.
  • Looking for child development resources and activities? Follow the center’s Facebook page.

Thank you for joining our community!